Nicolás Halac

Nicolás Halac is an entrepreneur and specialist in new trends. His vision, ideas and ability to implement them stand out. His goal is to provide solutions to the different challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution in organizations.

He is co-founder and CEO of Experiencias LLC (website:, a company dedicated to connect people with themselves and with the most advanced knowledge in marketing and business, technological transformation, new trends, innovation, artificial intelligence and inspiration, among others. He is also founder of Clés (website:, a company dedicated to developing the communicational and emotional links between brands and different audiences.

Nicolás has a prestigious professional career and has worked with the most prominent former heads of state, founders of apps, Nobel Prize winners, athletes, social leaders, artists, technologists, executives, neuroscientists, communicators, historians, diplomats, among others.

Nicolás has worked with clients in more than 90 countries, including Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Adidas and Julius Baer among other large organizations.

Nicolás Halac Tecnologí


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