Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

What is Web Accessibility?

IS A PLUG IN THAT IS INSTALLED ON THE WEB and allows everyone to connect to its contents.
That is to say, it works on computers, cell phones, tablets, etc.

It is multi-device, requires no additional equipment and is free to the end user.

How does it work?

Accessible Mode

A customizable icon or caption is placed on the website that allows users to enter the accessible platform.

Then, the type of disability is recognized and the site allows navigation accordingly.

Navigation modes

Web Accessibility Visual


Navigate with the standard keyboard by listening to the page content.
Auditory Web Accessibility


Navigates in a standard way showing the content in sign language.
Motor Web Accessibility


Navigate the web through voice commands.
Sensitive Detection Web Accessibility

Sensitive Detection

Browse the web using a single keystroke.
Language Web Accessibility


Surf the web emitting any type of sound.
Screen reader Web Accessibility

Screen reader

Browse the web simultaneously using the usual screen reader.

How is it installed?

How does Web Accessibility is installed

Our team integrates with the client's technology area to install the technology. The code of the page is not required to install the plug in, respecting the privacy of your information.

Installation on your site is estimated to take 25 to 30 calendar days.


These are the main advantages of incorporating WEB ACCESSIBILITY to your online site.

  • It does not modify the original web design.
  • It works in any language.
  • Helps to comply with W3C accessibility standards.
  • It is free for web surfers.
  • Maximize visits to your website.
  • It generates -according to the different local regulations- tax benefits for the customer.

Success stories

These are some of the organizations that already have an accessible website for people with disabilities.

INE Instituto Nacional Electoral
Asociación de Internet
Estadio Azteca

Make your website ACCESSIBLE!



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